Student receiving help at the Learning Curve

Accessibility and Disability

Committed to Providing Accommodation

The primary objective of Accessibility and Disability Services is to provide assistance to students with disabilities and foster their academic success. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any help or support during your student journey.

We highly recommend contacting a student success advisor prior to beginning your program to allow ample time for arranging academic accommodations and support, and to facilitate a smooth transition into college.

When applying for Manitoba student aid, there is an opportunity to declare your disability on the application, which makes you eligible for Canada student grants aimed at providing necessary equipment and services.

If you are required to undergo admissions testing, it is important to contact the student success advisor for your program to make testing arrangements.

Refer to Policy A03 - Academic Accommodations.

What accommodations can the college offer?

Some accommodations and services we may be able to provide include:

  • Alternate format materials and equipment
  • Academic support through the Learning Curve
  • Assistance with course load decisions and scheduling needs
  • Physical access to facilities
  • Referral to community support services
  • Support in applying for funding
  • Computerized note taking
  • Accommodated testing
  • Assistive technology
  • Other, depending on student need

What is a reasonable accommodation?

Reasonable accommodation means making adjustments or offering specialized options to reduce or remove barriers that are related to a person’s disability. An accommodation is considered reasonable if it does not:

  • Significantly alter the fundamental nature or the academic standards of the program
  • Have a significant adverse impact on learning opportunities for other students
  • Impose safety hazards for students or other persons
  • Result in undue hardship to the college, the program, the instructor or other students

Applicants and students should contact us before they begin college. As some accommodations take a number or weeks or months to arrange, it will be important for you to contact us as early as possible. We work with applicants and students on a first-come, first-served basis and therefore we cannot guarantee that services or accommodations can be arranged before your program starts.

Can I get in to college with a disability?

Disclosing your disability related needs will not affect the college’s admissions decision (if you demonstrate that you meet all admission requirements). Knowing about your needs will help the student success advisor plan with you and your instructors to offer the best chance for your success.

Documentation is required to apply for accommodations. Book an appointment with a student success advisor to discuss what documentation you will need.

Some applicants are required to complete testing before the college makes an admissions decision. If you need accommodated testing because of your disability or medical condition, contact the student success advisor for your program to arrange this before applying to the program.

What do I need to do?

Gather and provide the college with any documentation that describes your special needs or functional limitations relating to your disability and your learning. Documentation should be current within the last 3 years.

We can confirm services or accommodations only after we receive appropriate documentation from you. If you do not yet have documentation, or are unsure whether your documentation is relevant or up to date, it is even more important that you contact us early so we can guide you.

Contact the student success advisor for your program to review your documentation and previous school experience and discuss the program and possible accommodations. They will help you determine whether the program is a good fit for your needs and career goals. Bring your educational (high school and any college/university) transcripts and any documentation describing your special needs relating to your disability/ medical condition to that appointment. The student success advisor can also answer your questions about any admissions testing and explain the next steps to arrange services and accommodations.

Wheelchair accessibility

Assiniboine College is a wheelchair accessible facility, including automatic doors, washroom facilities and elevators.

Contact Us

For full information about accommodations and services for students with disabilities call 204.725.8700 ext. 6052 or toll free in Canada 800.862.6307 ext. 6052 or email ads@assiniboine.net. You can also contact one of our student success advisors.