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Online Access 24/7

Effective March 15, 2022, you must set up multifactor authentication (MFA) to use My˿Ƶ. To register for multifactor authentication please read more on our MFA webpage.

Once you have applied, are admitted, and have been registered into your first course (full-time day or distance education programs) we'll email/mail you a username and password for your online account.

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Note: No account is needed in advance when registering for a Continuing Studies course using My˿Ƶ. You can register and pay online using your account with Visa or MasterCard. To receive your account information and initial password, you will need a valid email address.

Students have 24/7 access to:

Guidance is also available in Moodle under the My˿Ƶ "Help with My˿Ƶ Services" tab.

Need Assistance?

If you have issues accessing My˿Ƶ or need assistance, contact our IT Service Desk at 204.725.8700 ext 6765 or email ITServiceDesk@assiniboine.net.