Business Manitoba High School Case Competition

Peters School of Business Manitoba High School Case Competition

2024 Competition | May 9 to 10

High school case competitions are dynamic and intellectually stimulating events that provide students with a platform to apply their academic knowledge to real-world business challenges. These competitions involve teams of students analyzing a business case involving a complex problem faced by individuals and organizations. Participants are tasked with dissecting the case, identifying key issues, and proposing strategic solutions within a limited timeframe.

Case competitions foster critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills as students collaborate to develop comprehensive and innovative solutions. Participants present their findings to a panel of judges comprised of industry professionals, academics, and business leaders. Case competitions provide a unique and enriching experience that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

MHSCC History

The competition originated in 2017 and was modelled from similar competitions in the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. The Manitoba competition was initiated by Kyle Prevost and a handful of Manitoba business education teachers and supporting business communities.

What is a case competition?

A case competition is an event where teams of three receive a case study (a scenario or specific set of circumstances) that is to be completed in a limited period. Teams must identify the most prominent issues presented in the case study and develop a customized strategy to solve these issues and achieve the stated goals. Winning teams must work together in the most efficient way to present a cohesive recommendation that includes creativity, specific detail, and technical background knowledge. At the end of the time period, competitors present their recommendation to a board of accomplished judges. Competitors are judged on their ability to identify the key issues, present creative solutions, and communicate effectively. Case competitions were initially created for business students at the graduate and undergraduate levels but have recently exploded onto the high school scene.

It is important to remember that while case competitions have a formal competitive element, there is so much more to the overall experience for both students and teachers. Students can network with like-minded business-centric peers, and business educators will find no more valuable form of professional development. When industry, educators from all levels, and the bright young leaders of tomorrow get together to expand their business knowledge – the future is the real winner!

How does the Manitoba High School Case Competition work?

Teams consisting of three high school students compete in two categories, personal finance and entrepreneurship. Each team is given approximately three hours to deconstruct their case, analyzing the key issues, assessing potential solutions and risks, and ultimately deciding on a course of action. Following case deconstruction, teams will be given 20 minutes maximum to present their findings and recommendations to a panel of judges composed of members of the Manitoba business community. Following the first round of presentations, the top two teams in each category go head to head in a final round of presentations.

What to bring?

Students will need to bring the following:

  • Business clothing for the Thursday evening banquet
  • Business clothing for competition presentations
  • Personal computing devices (wi-fi will be provided)
  • Flash drive to backup files
  • PowerPoint templates, either the team’s own slides or what has been provided on the MHSCC website.


Each team consists of three members and teams will be registered in one of two categories, Entrepreneurship or Personal Finance.

The cost to register each team is $75. Please write a cheque to Assiniboine College School of Business and mail to: Peters School of Business, 1430 Victoria Ave. East, Brandon MB R7A 2A9, Canada. Spots are on a first-come basis and once your registration has been confirmed with a payment, teams will be notified that their spot has been secured.

Hotel rooms and bus transportation will be provided if requested.

For inquiries/questions, please contact business@assiniboine.net.

Registration Closed


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