Fitness Centre with weight lifting equipment positioned along white walls with mirrors and windows.

Fitness Centre: Victoria Avenue East campus

Latest Information

The Fitness Centre is open to all staff and students. You may use your ID card to access the facility.

The Fitness Centre is an unstaffed, shared community space. All Fitness Centre users must act respectfully, use good judgment and be courteous to others while exercising to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone in the space.

Rules and Information

  • Patrons are required to use the hand sanitizer stations at the entrance to the facility and should be mindful of the comfort level of others, maintaining distance from other patrons where possible.
  • The Centre will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.
  • Patrons must wipe equipment before and after use with provided disinfecting supplies.
  • No guests are permitted to be in the Centre, even if they accompany a student or staff member.

There are no exceptions to the above stated rules and limitations. All staff and students are welcome to use the Fitness Centre; they do not need to have their studies or their workspace based out of the Victoria Avenue East campus.

General Rules

Please note that the above rules related to access override the general rules found below.

Access Cards

  1. The Assiniboine Fitness Centre is only accessible to current registered Assiniboine students and staff.
  2. The doors to the Fitness Centre are always closed and locked. Student ID cards allow access to the Centre and must be swiped at Fitness Centre entrance – sharing cards, double swiping will result in loss of Fitness Centre access privileges.
    1. Campus security reserve the right to request Fitness Centre access verification.
    2. Student ID cards are validated by Computer Services.

Dress Code

  1. Proper work-out attire (shirts, shorts/pants, and running shoes) must be worn at all times.
    1. No outdoor shoes, boots, open toed shoes, sandals or dress shoes allowed.

User Behaviour

  1. The Fitness Centre is not a social/gathering space, but for users engaging in physical activity only.
  2. No food or glass permitted in the Fitness Centre and all drinks must have a secure lid.
  3. Headphones are recommended for playing music. Any music played publicly must contain appropriate language and content.
  4. Personal items must be stored in the cubicles provided or the change room across the hall.
  5. All equipment must be wiped down with disinfectant provided after each use.
  6. Weights and equipment must be returned to their proper racks/designated storage areas in the correct order after your workout is complete:
    1. Equipment is not to be removed from the Fitness Centre.
    2. Do not slam or drop weights on any Fitness Centre equipment or floor.
    3. Do not relocate or move larger pieces of equipment throughout the facility.
  7. Maximum cardio equipment usage time is 30 minutes per session/machine.
    Do NOT monopolize equipment (ex: setting up a circuit) while others are waiting.
    1. Allow others to work through when performing multiple sets on any equipment.
  8. Please respect others privacy and refrain from taking photos or videos in the facility.
  9. No supervision is provided.
    1. Users are solely responsible for familiarizing themselves with the proper use of the equipment, and to do so safely.
    2. Users should ensure that they are healthy and strong enough to use the equipment. If unsure, consult your physician.
    3. Any individual who uses the Fitness Centre does so voluntarily and at the individuals’ own risk. ˿Ƶ will not be liable for any injury, lost or stolen items or damage sustained by any person as a result of using the Fitness Centre or any equipment, the users assume all risk including risk of physical injury or death.
  10. In the event of emergency first call 911 (9-911 from a college phone).
    1. Notify campus security direct at 204.725.8746 or from a college phone at ext. 7777.
    2. An Automated External Defibrillator is located in the hallway outside the Fitness Centre.
  11. In case of equipment damage or malfunction, participants must notify the Assiniboine Cougars Athletics Office. Email – fitnessroom@assiniboine.net.
  12. Violation of these facility policies will result in the loss of your access to the Fitness Centre.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel welcome to email FitnessRoom@assiniboine.net.

Equipment Available

  • treadmills
  • rowers
  • bikes
  • elliptical
  • free weights & mirror
  • squat rack
  • weight machines
  • weighted exercise balls
  • stretch/yoga mats & area
Weight lifting machines positioned alongside a wall with mirrors behind them.