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At Assiniboine, education is a pathway to knowledge, and success is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about skillfully navigating the pathways that lead us to our goals and building upon a foundation of knowledge throughout the journey. This new logo represents these pathways that provide direction and meaning, whether through higher education, career growth or personal development. It reflects the interconnectedness of teachers, students, programs, skills, knowledge, community and industry—all working together to guide and empower individuals toward success.

The logo features a geometric A, signifying Assiniboine. Its shape is also inspired by the rich heritage of Manitoba’s First Nations and the Tipi, symbolizing the beginning of life and the nurturing environment of a home, and Assiniboine’s commitment to Indigenous prosperity.

Artistically, we have retained the purple and red hues that have become known to Assiniboine and are inspired by Manitoba’s essence—the purple symbolizing the Prairie crocus while the red represents energy, strength and passion, with notes of inspiration from the Manitoba flag.

For pre-agreed upon use, our logos are available for download. Please contact the Communications or Marketing team for more information. For-profit, altered or misleading uses of the logo are specifically prohibited.

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Contact information

For marketing inquiries, please contact:
Nycolle Adams
Manager, Marketing
communications (at) assiniboine.net

For media inquiries, please contact:
Anya McNabb
Director, Communications & Marketing
communications (at) assiniboine.net
204.725.8717 ext 3