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Tax Receipts

Tuition and Enrolment Certificates

T2202s are now available for 2023 and previous years through your My˿Ƶ account. Please note that you will be prompted to setup Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to protect your account. Read more about Duo on our MFA Page.


Why is the college collecting my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

Effective the 2019 tax year, all post-secondary institutions are required to provide the Canada Revenue Agency with Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) on Form T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate). A T2202 generates for all students at Assiniboine registered in credit courses and eligible non-credit courses.

For more information, please refer to the website.

How will Assiniboine collect my SIN number?

You can log into your account and click on My Social Insurance Number (SIN) in the My Personal Information section. You will then be asked to enter your 9-digit SIN. If you’ve already given it to us it will state “We already have your SIN on file” and you won’t have the option to change it. If you’ve had a change in your SIN, please visit the Registration desk in person.

An individual's SIN data will be stored in Assiniboine's secure student management database and will only be accessible by staff who have authorized access to this type of information.

What is the T2202?

The T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate is an official tax receipt issued to eligible students for use in claiming education expenses on an income tax return. It identifies the amount of eligible tuition and fees paid in the preceding calendar year, as well as the number of months of full-time or part-time attendance. Amounts are pro-rated for programs or courses that start and end in different calendar years.

Note: A calendar year is the period from January 1 through December 31.

What do you mean by eligible tuition and fees?

Not all fees are eligible to be included on the T2202. To qualify as a deduction for income tax purposes, fees must be more than $100 and must be for non-credit courses and/or credit courses taken at the post-secondary level (e.g. Academic Upgrading courses do not qualify). In addition, non-tuition fees such as Students’ Association and health and dental fees are not eligible.

Refer to the Canada Revenue Agency – page for additional information.

When are the T2202 tax receipts available?

They will be available on by the last day of February.

How do I get a duplicate T2202 form for a previous year?
  • 2010 to 2023 are available by logging into
  • 2009 or earlier, call 204.725.8700 ext. 6625. Please note that there is a $15.75 replacement fee for 2009 and earlier.
How do I get a copy of my T2202?

The T2202 is only available online through . Please note that starting in March 2022, you will be prompted to setup Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to protect your account. Read more about Duo on our MFA Page.

Who do I contact if I can’t remember my User ID and password for My˿Ƶ?

1) You can use the self-service password reset portal to reset your password if you registered:

2) Contact the IT Service Desk (email is preferred, to ensure you get a prompt response. Voicemail response times can vary)

Email: ITServiceDesk@assiniboine.net

Phone: 204.725.8700 ext 6765

How do I access my T2202 online?

To access your T2202 online:

  1. Log in to (and setup Duo MFA if prompted)
  2. Go to My ˿Ƶ for Students > Student Tax Information
  3. Go to the correct tax form at the top T2202 Information (if you have a T4A it is available online as well, just choose T4A Information at the top)
  4. Click on the statement for the tax year you want
  5. This will open a .PDF version of the form. You can either download a copy for your records, or print a copy for future reference.
If I pay my tuition and fees for my Winter 2022 term in 2021, will it be included on my T2202 for 2021?

No, only tuition and fees paid for courses that started or ended in 2021 are eligible.

If I am taking courses full-time, why does my T2202 state I was part-time?

The full-time/part-time status on the T2202 is based on the hours of attendance in a month, not on your student status. The federal government’s definition of full-time hours may be different than Assiniboine’s definition. Also, the start date of a course may be at the end of a month, affecting the hours calculated for that month.

I printed my T2202 form but my address has changed. Do I need a new one?

No. You are not required to mail the T2202 with your tax forms. The address on the form does not have to match your current address. However, please ensure you notify Assiniboine of your change of address for further communication. This can be done via My˿Ƶ, or by calling 204.725.8700 or emailing info@assiniboine.net with your new address. Please make sure you provide you full name and student ID.

What if I have questions about filing my income tax return or understanding what I can deduct for tax purposes?

The college does not provide income tax advice. For information on filing your income tax return, contact the Canada Revenue Agency by visiting or calling 1.800.959.8281.

I am an international student. Why do I get a T2202?

The college is required to report T2202 information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian income tax returns.

Residents of Canada are required to file a Canadian income tax return. The T2202 is a tax receipt for tuition paid that can be used as a deduction against income earned while in Canada.

Do non-residents of Canada need to provide a SIN?

Students who are non-residents of Canada are not required to provide a SIN.

The Canada Revenue Agency’s definition for a non-resident for tax purposes can be found .

How do I apply for a SIN number?

For information on how to apply for a SIN number please visit the .

What if I still have questions regarding my T2202?

Please contact the college's Finance department:

Email: t2202@assiniboine.net

Phone: 204.725.8700 ext. 6625